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Children Found Raised By Dogs

Children Found Raised By Dogs

The topic of feral children has fascinated me for several years. Now, to find out that two children were found in the Ukraine, living amongst wild dogs; has further provided researchers with questions regarding language development and human psychology.

Victor: The First Feral Child Documented

Victor was an 11 year old boy found in January 1800 near Saint Sernin sur Rance, in southern France. Victor survived 11 years by living in the forest; he crawled around on all fours and snuck food from people’s gardens.

It is thought, that since he had no human contact for the first 11 years of his life that he probably gained the social skills that he had from animals. He did not wear any cloths and his body had several old and new scars from living in the wild.

When found, Victor could not speak human language. Researchers at the time tried to re-socialize Victor to more appropriate social norms of the time and tried to teach him language. They made barely minimal progress.

Victor lived to age 40, which was probably the average life span of that time. He was never able to be socialized to live the type of life that most of us would think of as normal and healthy. Since Victor’s case, psychologists and sociologists have been very interested in language development in cases of social neglect.

Feral Children in Modern Society

In 1991 an 8 year old girl was found in Novaya Blagoveschenka, Ukraine. Her name was Oxanna Malaya. At the time she was discovered living in the backyard of her family home in a dog kennel.

She had befriended the dogs in the yard and basically took on their behaviors and actions. She walked on all fours, growled and barked. She would defend the territory in an aggressive display similar to that of an angry dog. She had minimal human language abilities, but would communicate like her canine companions through animal-type actions.

Also, in Mirny, Ukraine in 1999, a young boy was discovered, named Edik. Edik was 4 years old at the time he was discovered. Edik was living in a run-down apartment on his own, in a very poverty stricken area of the Ukraine.

He had wild dogs co-habitating in the apartment with him, some say at any given time he had at least three dogs with him.

Researchers believe that it was the symbiotic relationship between the human and animals that strengthened the bond, and created the “pack” mentality between the boy and the dogs. The dogs found that the boy would provide some source of food, regardless of how infrequent; which meant that the dogs did not have to hunt. In exchange, the dogs provided the boy with affection and companionship.

What Have Oxanna and Edik Accomplished Today?

Today, Oxanna and Edik are not classified as true feral children because of their previous human socialization and the fact that they did have some basic language skills early on.

But to this day, their language skills still lag behind their chronological development to this day. Researchers believe that Oxanna’s language skills will always lag behind other people her age because she was discovered past the age where the brain can regain those skills to full functional capacity.

Edik on the other hand has made good progress. His language skills as still behind other children his own age. But researches believe that he will be able to regain enough language that he will function well in society. They believe it is solely based on the fact that he was discovered young enough that the brain can still learn the basic foundation needed for language development.

Today, Oxanna and Edik live in care homes where they interact with other people and staff. Both Oxanna and Edik have dogs at the homes where they live so they can still enjoy them as pets. They are no longer dependent on these animals for survival so their relationship with the animals has changed a lot.

Both Oxanna and Edik now walk on 2 legs, like the rest of us and wear clothing in a socially appropriate way. It took months and years for both of them to learn these basic social norms. An update from 2010 indicates that Oxana is now trying to locate her birth mother and father to learn more about herself.


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How to Get Pregnant Tips – Online Resource For Getting Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant Tips – Online Resource For Getting Pregnant

Basal body temperature

Basal body temperature charting is very helpful for women who are not sure if they are ovulating. Charting gives women the best chance to conceive by maximizing the sperm present when the egg is released. Basal body temperature is temperature of a person’s body taken first thing in the morning after several hours of sleep and before any activity, including getting out of bed or talking; often charted to determine the time of ovulation.

This is what you need to do, take your temperature first thing in the morning and write it on a chart. Your goal is to see a change of a least 0.4 degrees fahrenheit after ovulation. Which means showing low temperatures before ovulation in the follicular phase and higher ones after ovulation in the luteal phase. For most women, 96 to 98 degrees is normal before ovulation and 97 to to 99 degrees after ovulation.

Some people will not have a rise in temperature when they ovulate. The change in temperature can happen two to three days after ovulation. By then it’s a little too late to try to have sex to achieve pregnancy.

Getting Healthy

You should start to take multi vitamins, be sure it contains folic acid. Stop smoking, you don’t need to smoke while you are pregnant so go ahead and quit now. Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol is not good for you or your baby. Eat enough calories. Being underweight or eating a low calories diet can throw off your monthly cycle. Get in the habit of eating healthy,wholesome foods and stop eating sweets. This will help you get pregnant.

Don’t use lubes

A lot of over the counter lubes aren’t sperm friendly, they actually impair or kill the mobility of sperm and should not be used while you are trying to get pregnant. One lube that is not harmful is vegetable oil.

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My mom found out that I envy my best friend

My mother (51F) saw the e-mail I was sending to my cousin (18M) where I (17F) admit that I’m jealous of best friend’s (16F) amazing family.

My cousin and I get close again recently, I started to chat with him about things I usually don’t speak with people, after a day in my best friend’s huge house and a dinner with her awesome family, I decided to send an e-mail to him about how I feel. I was almost finishing the e-mail, I left my room and when I come back, find my mom reading what I write, needless to say, she wasn’t happy.

Ever since this, things between me and my mom seems harsh, she told me I was ungrateful for the life I have and I’m actually feeling like I am. My house’s not abusive, I don’t have an alcoholic parent or anyone in my house on drugs or something, my both parents support me, so, according to my mom is “You have nothing to complain”.

I’ll not transcript the e-mail to my cousin, but here’s why I’m jealous of my friend:

Her parents love each other dearly, my mom is divorced from my dad for about five years. They’re always showing affection to each other and I hardly see a moment when they aren’t holding hands or her dad isn’t with his arm around her mom. Even before my parent’s divorce, they weren’t like this, my mom is remarried and she’s not like this with my stepdad. The fact my friend’s parents are younger than my parents and together for a longer time mine were together.

It’s not just her parent’s marriage, her brother also. I have two older brothers, one lives with my dad and the other one lives in his own apartment, I also have a stepsister and two stepbrothers, I don’t get along with any of them, isn’t like I hate them, but we don’t have a friendship. Her older brother doesn’t even live at her parent’s house anymore and is always around anyway, he compliments his sister with a kiss on the cheek, I can’t imagine any of my siblings doing this. She’s actually good friends with her older brother, they’re close and have a bond that I don’t have with anyone.

Point this might make me sound like a superficial person, but jealousy is a superficial feeling and is bad and I know it. They’re wealthy, wealthy at the point of her dad having a car collection. I’m not the kind of person who focuses on money, but when I go to her house (that her family has more than one), I can’t handle from feeling lower when I come back to my middle-class suburban house. I see they traveling pictures to places all over the world, once they invited me to go to Spain and this was just surreal to me.

But the thing I’m truly jealous of is not their money, a perfect marriage or any brotherly bond, is how well they along. I told about her parents marriage and her relation with her brother, but they’re all great with each other, I come to her house and see her dad and her brother happily playing basketball at their square, she and her mom talk to each other like they were friend like me and her, her dad and brother are always being so nice to her. When they’re all together, they’re all talking to each other, laughing and having a good time. In my house, we badly talk to each other and as I said, I’m not friends with my stepsiblings anyway, also, I’m not close to my mom like she’s close to her’s.

This is pretty much all my mother read on my e-mail to my cousin. We don’t talk much, I want to tell her that it’s not like I wish to have my friend’s family instead of mine, I wish that mine was like her’s. I love my mother, she’s a hard working woman who does her best to raise me (while my friend’s mom is a stay at home mom), so it’s like I was saying her best wasn’t enough. I’m thinking about all she did for me and I feel so guilty and ungrateful.

I don’t know if I should apologize for it, as jealousy is just something that I feel and I did not really do anything, or how to make her know that I appreciate her.

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Get Pregnant With Endometriosis — Endometriosis causes fertility problems, but…

Also, concentrate on getting to a wholesome weight now, as being overweight can make it even more complicated to conceive. So going to the doctor before you’re trying for fast pregnancy could solve the majority of your problems. Before you truly do anything to find pregnant, make sure that you understand your health care provider initially and find a physical exam.

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Getting Pregnant Tips And Advice

Getting Pregnant Tips And Advice

Not all people are lucky enough to get pregnant after tossing all their contraceptives. Some people still find conceiving as an everyday challenge of their marriage life, in which everyday seem like an evolution from ovulation kits, specific sexual position, and a variety of fertility tests to help pinpoint possible problems and get pregnant.

Whether or not you have just decided to have a baby or had it for a while, following some tips and advice from pregnancy experts can help speed up your pregnancy. Listed below are some tips and advices from pregnancy experts that you may follow in order to get pregnant faster.

Have regular sex – Some couples depend too much on the ovulation date that they do not have sex unless it is the right time. Although proper timing is crucial, having regular sex can still increase the chance of getting pregnant. Do not limit yourself with the suggested possibility that you would only get pregnant during ovulation, when you are at your most fertile stage. At some point, it is not impossible that couples may miss the right ovulation date. Thus, to effectively keep track of your ovulation, it is best use ovulation predictor kits, such as the basal body thermometer (BBT), urine (LH) ovulation test kit, and ovulation saliva test kit in addition to calendar method.

Follow effective sex positions – Although there is no scientific study that proves sex positions have causal effect to pregnancy, you will not lose anything if you try them. According to experts, positions like men on top will allow the gravity to control sperm from leaking out thus drawing it closest to the cervix.

Eat foods that can boost up fertility – Eat a diet that is rich in organic foods grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. They contain significant anti-oxidants that can help maintain healthy cells essential to pregnancy. Tofu, chicken, eggs and other sea foods that are high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and selenium are also effective in achieving your pregnancy.

Have a check with your doctor/OBGYN – It is good to have a regular check with your doctor to check if you are in good condition to get pregnant. Doctors can determine medical condition that may affect your capacity to conceive, such as untreated infections, sexually transmitted diseases, endometriosis, or polycystic ovarian cysts (PCOS). Your OBGYN can best advice you of the best prenatal vitamins that you should take prior to conception.

Avoid vices – If you are having vices, such as drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, or taking drugs, it is best to quit them as soon as possible. Such vices can cause detrimental effects to fertility and to your child. According to study, they can lessen sperm potency, cause hormonal imbalance and lessen ovulation in women, give rise to medical issues, and may cause birth defect in babies.